Two Factor Authentication

Adding Two Factor Authentication (2FA) to Salad would be a huge increase to the security of each person’s account. For a program that holds the money of it’s users, it has very little to help users secure their account better. This could be done with SMS Verification on login attempts, email verification (which would be preferable over SMS verification as Salad’s main demographic would generally be too young to have phone service.), or an app such as Authy (Discord uses this one).

I don’t think people trying to hack to salad accounts yet lol

There actually have been some people that have lost some balance because unauthorized people had access to their account.
Either it is their fault for leaving that password, or people are actually trying to hack accounts.
In any way, this would be a great way to secure accounts further.

2FA would certainly deter anyone who intends to, however.

People try to hack anything ngl

yea i agree with that but is it really worth it to hack a salad account? i mean most of the people using it have like trashy 1060 so its not even that much you know?

btw I have a 1060…
And $537 in my account.
Yes, hacking Salad accounts can be very much profitable.