The Ability to Change the App Background!

A lot, and I mean a lot of people have asked for this in the OG #feature-requests channel in the Discord, so let me just reiterate what all of them said. It would be crazy cool to have the ability to change the background of the app. Maybe to test it out, we could have a gallery of images that are Salad related, and later down the line whenever the feature proves to work well, the ability to add your own images would be added. Hope this makes sense!

Well…uh…I don’t know if that’s appropriate to send here. Anyway, the pictures the user uploads would only be viewable by them. There will be a public gallery that cannot be changed and then your personal gallery that only you can see.

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kinid of a duplicate of Adding THEMES to Salad - #3 by Fvn556 (this is a link)