Showing .25gb Vram When I Actually Have Way More

Hey, so I am on linux using Pop OS. I am so happy it is finally on here now, but I am trying to use my Rx 580 to mine and it says I have only .25gb of Vram when it actually has 8gb. It worked fine on the Windows version but yet here it just won’t work with the gpu. I’ve tried a few different things and it is just stuck on that. Even steam says I have 8gb of Vram. Any help would be appreciated. I really love Salad and want to be able to use it with my gpu, not just my cpu.

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Sounds like there may be a driver issue. If you are on linux, you need to ensure you are on the latest proprietary official drivers direct from AMD, community and open source drivers may not work properly.


But on Pop OS that isn’t really possible. AMD puts their drivers as open source into the system. The ones from the website aren’t really able to be downloaded without a bunch of configuring and changing many things.

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The library we use to detect your machine’s hardware relies on the Linux tool clinfo. Do you have this application installed? For example, do you get information about your GPU if you run this in a terminal:

clinfo --raw

As far as drivers go… the miners themselves are programmed in such a way that they require access to features that are only available in the official, proprietary AMD drivers. If your distribution doesn’t have official drivers, you may not be able to mine (with or without Salad). Each miner is developed by a separate team and has its own requirements, so this may not be universally true. We have not tried to catalog which miners require official drivers versus which work with open source drivers. I’d recommend you look into the clinfo detection issue and then just give it a shot to see what works.

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Okay at first clinfo wasn’t outputting anything then I tried installing some things people recommended for it online and now I get this when I do clinfo --raw
: CommandLine Error: Option ‘polly’ registered more than once!
LLVM ERROR: inconsistency in registered CommandLine options
Aborted (core dumped)

Is there any way I could run a virtual machine or something else within Linux to run windows for Salad if I can’t get this working?

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I was able to mine in other miners but I really like Salad and I wanna be able to figure this out so I wanna be able to fix this if we can.

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I’m not super familiar with the details of the clinfo tool, but a generic error such as that makes me wonder if the binary isn’t valid for your setup. It’s best to look for an officially supported package for your OS. If that’s what you’re using, you may want to reach out to the package maintainer for more assistance. If one isn’t available, it’s best to compile it from source.

I believe some members of the community have worked this out in the past. It’s a pretty advanced setup, though. I encouraged that it get posted as a community-contributed guide, but I’m not aware of one having been made.

I’d love for you to use Salad, too! However, it’s really difficult to provide support for all the different Linux distributions out there. You may need to turn toward a more Linux-oriented support forum for help with your distribution. Salad should start working with clinfo and an official GPU driver installed.

Thanks yeah im just dual booting with Windows now for it