Severely decreased earnings

I do not know why but for the past few days or so I’ve been getting significantly decreased earnings and no matter what I have tried it doesn’t seem to work. I use both my desktop and laptop to mine. My desktop is more than capable of mining and previously it had been working exceptionally well. I also have overclocked my gpu in safe limits to possible increase the performance of my gpu for mining but it seemingly has done nothing. Another thing is that Salad has been a little…off for these past few days or so as well. Like it has been a little buggy with the prepping and chopping stage. For example, few times it would randomly go from chopping back to prepping and every time I started up Salad I realized that it would need to redownload all miners despite it not having to or doing so before this weird decrease in earnings has occurred. Any ideas?

Hello, please check your salad logs and make sure your hashrate is as expected.
Also check for the miner Salad is using on your computer, you can find this under earn>miner details.

If you are running a GPU with more than 4GB of VRAM on your desktop, you should be using Phoenixminer. Let me know if you aren’t

You can find your logs here: How To Find Your Salad Log Files – Salad Support

I am using a slightly overclocked GTX 1660 SUPER SC ULTRA (EVGA). Should I post my logs here or in a ticket? Unsure about ticket as I’ve already done that I believe and I don’t wanna be annoying.