Salad Timed Start

Hello Chefs!

Here’s one that I would think would make a good addition to Salad! Share your opinion and comments!

Timed Start’s premise is to allow users to choose specifically when they want to chop. If you know your daily life, this allows users to decide precisely when to start - and when to stop.

I think this would make the life easier for many people, and is a great feature to add in Salad!


ultra epic , would 100% use this if available

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id love this (but probably wouldnt use it lol)

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maybe there could be a calendar so that you can set it to run on specific dates, at specific times?

for example:


I love this idea! It would be so useful if I could schedule Salad to run at certain times because I often forget to turn it back on after using my PC.

Salad doesn’t need a scheduler—we have auto start! You can configure Salad to start chopping after being AFK for a period of time, and it will automatically stop chopping when you return.

I think everyone watching this thread should watch this interview (or at least starting from 3:28)

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Yes, but that’s not the aim of the Salad Timed Start.
We want to have a specific time for launch and stop, to be given beforehand. The Auto start feature is good, but it won’t apply in the same domains.
Sometimes I don’t want to immediately start mining, but would rather be earning from midnight to 2am.
That is the true purpose, and I know some people will find use in it.


yes 100% would use this


I’d really like to better understand the reason for this, specifically what benefit it would provide over the current auto start capability. Our team thinks auto start & stop based on AFK status is the best way to use Salad. If your computer is on and idle, why do you want it to wait for a preconfigured time before starting to chop? Likewise, if it’s still idle, why would you want it to just stop at a specific time?


maybe for example so a program that requires a decent amount of resources can start at that time automatically and not have to fight with salad for resources?

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The reasoning behind the timed start is that I sometimes leave my computer idle, but I know that I don’t want to mine all the time due to electricity costs being lower for {00:00 - 3:00} for example.
If we had this feature, I can mine just during the times where it is profitable.
Moreover, I sometimes leave my computer but don’t want to let it run all the time because of heat, so having it run in smaller intervals to let it cool down in the meantime can be useful.

Here’s why I do think that Salad timed start would make a good implementation and should be added.



I would like this because feature because I often render 3D graphics with Blender. Every time I start the render I must make sure Salad is closed. Otherwise, Salad will run while my system is rendering and will split my hardware’s resources causing the render time to increase and minimal mining to be done with Salad.

Then when the render has completed my system is still up and running, and I would use a feature like this to schedule salad to run on from 01:00 to 06:00 because my renders normally complete before then.


This is the best reason I’ve seen on this thread, and according to the interview I mentioned earlier, the feature is already built out.

It’s fine if everyone won’t use it. I’m sure it won’t decrease the number of people chopping, as this is a somewhat niece thing, and will be off by default and hidden away in a settings menu.


would be epic so i can fall asleep then mine because i really cant sleep with the noise

It would help me sleep during mining,since my fans are too loud i cant mine when going to sleep but then it can start While im asleep and so i can mine overnight