browser extension (extra earning)

make a extension where you display ads per time to time or when your search and we get rewarded for clicking them or something, something just like brave browser but with, you would be a lot cooler if you did.

i also have no clue where you’re gonna find advertisers

a company named gener8 did it
and tbh they were a huge scam however their idea is literally amazing
what they did is basically replace the ads on your browser with their own ads and pay you for it instead of the websites get paid the problem is salad need to find companies for that.

I have 2000 tokens on their system but I’m not from the UK therefore they worth nothing to me.
I can’t order or get anything digitally which is sad really sad.

if salad made something similar to this I will be honest salad will destroy them.

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Adding onto that, there’s a browser that does that.
It is, in fact not a scam.

Ever heard of “Brave” browser? They compensate you for watching their ads. I already made the modest sum of $0.1, and each day make about $0.01-0.02 if I’m lucky.

This isn’t bad considering it impedes very little on my experience.

Salad doing something like them would be epic, but it involves some issues, like company finding and then the integration of it in many browsers.

I don’t know the extent to which something like an extension can change the browser, so I can’t tell if it really a difficulty or not.

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I was saying gener8 is a scam

the earnings might be low but they are something to give us some extra balance
I will be honest if salad did this I would install it on every single pc I have in my house lol