Optifine Standard Cape Redemption Not Going Through

hi, i have just bought the Optifine Standard Cape for $11.99 via salad. however, i did not receive my cape. i put my minecraft username into salad and it’s still not giving me my cape. i’m banned from the discord, so i can’t ask for help there. i bought it around 30 minutes ago in the time of writing. help?

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The Minecraft items can take a few hours to make it to the user, due to how they are sent to your account. Please wait more time in order to see it appear in your account.

Just as a confirmation, it does appear in your reward vault and email address?



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@mwolfman17 Sorry… We’re having a partial outage right now, and emails aren’t being sent:


We’ll get this resolved, and then you’ll receive the redemption email with a bit more info on the process.


hi! thanks for responding. it has appeared in my reward vault and i have received a (long waited) e-mail.

i just checked again, i still dont have it. thank you.

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