Make the vote limit more than 2 or just completely remove it

I would vote for this post, but I don’t have any more votes left. :stuck_out_tongue:

We’ve bumped up the number of votes you may cast. As noted by others, the number of votes you may case it tied to your “trust level” (a measure of your community participation and trust). Here are the new limits:

  • trust level 0: 4
  • trust level 1: 8
  • trust level 2: 12
  • trust level 3: 20
  • trust level 4: 30

This seems fine given the community is small & growing. However, in the future, we may decrease these limits back to their default values. Once a feature request topic is closed (by the dev team), your previously cast votes are returned and you can cast them again on different topics.

There are a couple of reasons for limiting the number of votes you may cast. Notably, it forces you to choose only the most important requests. Otherwise, what would prevent you from upvoting every single feature request? And, if that happened, the team wouldn’t really have a way to gauge which items the community sees as being more important than others.

The limit is not meant to prevent voting fraud… if someone wanted to create 1,000 Salad accounts just to upvote a single request… it wouldn’t be worth our time trying to prevent that. But, it would be quite obvious if 1,000 accounts with trust level 0 were created just to upvote issues. If someone tries this, I think they’ll have to expect disinterest from the team.