Make some aspects of the App UI more colourblind friendly

So some of the buttons in the app entirely depend on colour to show if they’re set to on or off:

It would be cool if the buttons could include some sort of visual indication as to whether or not something is enabled or not, similar to how Discord does it:

Quick inspect element mockup that looks pretty damn awful:

I suppose this could perhaps be implemented by a community member but I can’t really be bothered so if anyone happens to feel like doing this go ahead.

ill try

wish me luck revyn!

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ok i did this but uh
just realized i need to make the checkmark/crossmark appear when its selected
this is gonna be harder then i wanted

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Perhaps if it was a simple marker (such as an underline or a dot):



no no no, the problem isnt the formatting or anything
its the getting the toggle to change what it says when its selected
im probably not gonna get around to figure this out so yeah
my knowledge of code is too little atm so yeah

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yeah im not gonna work on this for now

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Something to think about

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I’m not great at TypeScript, but accessibility is important. I’m going to try my best on getting this implemented. I’ll post on this topic about how it goes!


good luck!
hope you can get farther than what i did lol

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well, this is odd. i was just about to create my PR on github, but i wanted to look to make sure there wasn’t a template or something i was forgetting.

apparently salad is

…currently not accepting any PRs from the community.

i’m confused as to why they would do this.
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im aware of why.
heres a quote from some dms of mine with one of the devs from a while back: “well… we hit a little snag on the PR side of things… our lawyers stepped in and told us we have to get anyone contributing to sign a CLA (Contributor Licensing Agreement). again… back to being a small team… that’s not something we have time to get setup rn.”

basically, theres a legal thing and they cant accept community contributions at the moment


I see. However, could they not just update their ToS to include this? It already says they may use and implement any user feedback without giving credit etc. The only PRs I’ve ever made were fixing a typo and adding like 10 characters to a line of code. Anybody who would consider this their own intellectual property(or whatever) would be fucking insane.
I totally see the issue with larger contributions though.

@aaiiddaann @Fvn556 thanks for the info btw.

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yes, i do agree with the fact that it doesn’t really apply to the smaller contributions, like fixing a typo and the such. i know it doesnt apply there. however, i think that the reason that they arent accepting pr’s rn is so they dont have to filter through all of the pr’s and see if its just something small like a typo or something larger.
im not sure tho. i mean, this is just my guess so yeah