I didnt get any steam keys for the items i got

today i got myselft DiRT rally and DiRT 4, but i didnt got a code for the games after a while,

anyone knows what should i do about it?

Codes are not being sent to your Reward Vault for the time being. Try checking the email associated with your Salad account for the codes (Make sure to check your Spam and Promotional folders). If the codes aren’t in your email, make a ticket here (And make sure you say you checked your Spam/Promotional folders) describing the issue: Submit a request – Salad Support

Hello, i didnt mean that i didnt get the code in m vault.

i ment that its not being set to my e-mail.
i already got some other things and i know how it works.

Make a ticket here describing your issue and Salad’s support will be able to help you: Submit a request – Salad Support

I already made one. soon the 24 buisness houres will end and i didnt got an answear

You will get a response, although it will likely take a couple days.