Earned $3 overnight from mining?

So I have an RTX 2060S video card (4gbs of vram) and normally I earn about a dollar every 24 hours. However tonight I noticed I earned THREE dollars. I have no referrals nor have I used any offer walls. I’m not complaining, but this took me by surprise, how is this possible?

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i mean all i can say is, sometimes you can get lucky lol

Mornin’, Timnetic! The pools were quite messed up last night which allowed for a nice boost in mining! A lot of users had impeccable earnings as well! Although, your 2060 super should be making around $2 on a daily basis with or without the pools messing up. Are you overclocking?

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From time to time, the mining pool’s API servers may go offline (maintenance, outage, etc.). When that happens, payouts are simply delayed until they come back online (you can keep mining… you’ll still get paid for any work done). When the servers go down, you might see your earnings drop or stop for a short while. However, once things come back, you’ll likely see a huge spike as it catches up and pays out what you earned while the servers were offline.

As far as the increase in the magnitude of payouts. The value of many cryptocurrencies has increased dramatically. These shifts usually cause changes in the global mining community that can affect the network difficulty and the value of fees/rewards.


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