Current Miner keep switching

Hello, i mined from for a week now, i earned almost 7$ which is nice, my PC has a GTX 1050 that can mine 1$/day, everything is normal until day 6, there is a performance drop from 1$/day to 0.70$/day, i think its a bug so i didn’t do anything about it, then Day 7 its still 0.70$
and at that time i know from where i started mining until day 6 i use PhoenixMiner, from the time i got mining performance drop i use XMRig Miner, i know i cannot change the miner the app change the miner itself, but it keeps on using XMRig Miner which is not the best miner for my GPU, can someone help me fix this?

You were likely seeing it run PhoenixMiner during the prepping phase where it cycles through all the miners, as your GPU does not meet the minimum VRAM requirements for PhoenixMiner (roughly 4.1gb available is required). XMRig would, in this case, be the best miner for you.