Adding THEMES to Salad

imagine this: you’re showing your friends salad, and all the new features that it can do, and he gets really exited and happy and all these stuff, but he really doesn’t like dark mode, and uses light mode on every single site, and because of that, he doesn’t install salad.
the thing i just have said may have been real, but either way, themes is (imo) a really cool feature that would work amazingly with the current (and past) salad ui.

That’s definitely interesting, and something I would like to see implemented as well.

i have in fact attempted to implement this on my own before (and failed lol i cant code).
however, it would be really, really difficult, for many of the logo’s and branding are trademarked, so they would have to make themes that still complement the colors of the logo and stuff (i think). i might be wrong on this though, so maybe they could get this implemented one day