2FA should be added

I don’t mean to be rude, but Salad is becoming such a big company to where it can’t not have 2FA. Salad doesn’t even log everyone out when you change your password. If your account gets compromised, well good luck then! Anyways, my account got compromised this morning and was drained. I changed my password but that won’t help :man_shrugging:. So I guess I just have to always have the fear that whenever I earn some balance it will immediately be drained completely! Y’all are such a big company now. Please have 2FA or logging users out after a password change on your priority list. I’m pretty sure most Salad users would prefer that and would also switch to other miners because of that.

(my password was also very very strong and long)

Agreed, It’s been requested for quite a while now (at least a year) and is rather essential when there’s one password which is stopping anyone from accessing all of your balance, with no way to kick them out. What surprises me is that the forums allow you to log other devices out, but not on Salad itself…

Yeah, it’s really weird. I’m guessing it’s not even that hard. Like at least the ability to log others out of your account.

I just make a password containing 1028+ Characters, so i dare anyone to try and compromise it.

(Edit: But yea for the normal people there should be 2auth.)


A 2FA system was just included, where it sends a code to your email after having inputted it… Hope this is what you were looking for.
I ask you to please submit a bug report so we can resolve issues:



@seniorquico YOU ARE THE BEST, TYSM!! Also, what would happen for the user who is already in my account?